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Summer content boost for your TN

With the summer’s shortage of news almost upon us, don’t forget that TNF Soundings provides free, quality content to supplement your local material. Don’t despair when content is in short supply – turn to Soundings for help!

There is now more Soundings content than ever, with several new, regular items added recently, including Infosound Infoshorts, audio crosswords and quizzes, alongside our now-familiar information stories, weekly radio & audio-TV highlights and Time Out articles. There are also new online tools that make it easier to use Soundings – so try taking advantage of our bundles, box sets and latest content pages.

Our new content includes:

  • Infosound Infoshorts is a weekly audio bulletin of news, advice and practical information to help living with sight loss, produced by the charity Infosound. Each bulletin lasts less than 10 minutes and contains four or five short items on topics such as products, support services, financial matters, hobbies and leisure as well as useful hints, tips and life hacks to help living with sight loss. Listeners and those supporting vision-impaired people are encouraged to phone-in and record a short message, maybe sharing information about a useful product or service.
  • Audio crosswords are now included on Soundings every month. The crosswords are designed on a simple five-word grid, allowing listeners to tackle the puzzle in their heads, without the need for pen and paper. Puzzles and solutions are available separately or combined so you can schedule them to suit your needs.
  • Fortnightly quizzes come from two Soundings quiz-setters. We alternate quizzes from each contributor, with two quizzes published each month. Once again, questions and answers are available separately or combined so you can schedule them to suit your needs.

Several new features on the Soundings website make it easier to use our content for your TN. These include ‘bundles’ that allow you automatically link to together several Soundings articles with a reduced jingle count:

  • Ready-made bundles offer options including: the newest Information and Time Out articles; the radio & audio-TV listings; the latest crossword & solution; and the latest quiz and answers.
  • Bespoke bundles allow you to choose and combine any number of current Soundings articles into a package that minimises jingles between each item. This is an automated on-request service that will deliver your bundle by email in an hour.
  • We also offer ‘box sets‘ that pull together regular items such as quizzes, crosswords and exercise sessions, so you can access them and use them at a time that suits your TN.
  • And if you’re short on time to scroll through all the live Soundings content you can now go straight to our latest content page to find the newest article published in each category.
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