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2024 Winter Workshop 4

Vocal & Presentation Tips

The presenter for this session is:

Serena Gay from Made4U Podcasts who will give us tips on how to prepare your voice ahead of long reading sessions to help strengthen your vocal chords, whilst keeping your mouth hydrated and controlling your breathing.  You will also learn how to maintain energy and verve in your delivery and the action you can take after recording to improve your general overall performance.

As readers, or potential readers, you will understand how important caring for your voice is and how with a few simple adaptations, you can can give a better performance when reading material for recording purposes.

She will also provide advice on how to prep scripts ahead of reading them, how to correct mistakes and the importance of sticking to a news agenda, i.e., reading stories in order of their newsworthiness and wearing headphone.  Serena's help and advice will assist us all and importantly can only make our recordings even more enjoyable for our Listeners.

6th April 2024 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM
United Kingdom
Phone: 03000 400 300
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