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Listening with an App

The Talking News Federation (TNF) and British Wireless for the Blind Fund (BWBF) have joined forces once again to bring together local Talking Newspapers from across the UK.

A mobile application that can be accessed independently from any smartphone or tablet. The Talking Newspaper app can be downloaded by users to their own smart devices for free from both Apple and Android stores; and is available to people with a variety of difficulties reading text, such as dyslexia – not just the blind and partially sighted.

The app features over 200 regional Talking Newspapers, making it easier than ever to keep up with what’s going on in your own community or in areas where you may have friends or family.



Get It On Google Play
Get It On Google Play


Download on the Apple App Store
Download on the Apple App Store

Small Print

Terms and Conditions

The use of this application is limited to any individuals who confirm they are prevented from reading print, because they have either a sight problem, dyslexia or another disability. Users are required to agree that they will not copy, transfer, distribute, lease, license or publicly perform in any way a Talking Newspaper/Magazine recording which is for the sole use of those unable to read normal print.

Users will also be requested to indicate the reason they are using the application, being sight loss, dyslexia or another disability.  For those that are eligible the use of the app is completely free and can be downloaded onto as many devices as needed.

Talking Newspaper Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains how BWBF may collect, use, process and safeguard information obtained through the BWBF Talking News Application here on in known as the Service, full details of the Service can be found at  It also tells you about your rights and choices with respect to your personal information and how you can contact BWBF if you have any questions or concerns.


TNF or BWBF are not responsible for the content of any live or recorded material broadcast via the Talking Newspaper mobile application.  TNF and BWBF  have no control over the time period when the individual publications are updated. This is because neither charity produces the the local talking Newspaper or maintains/updates them.

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