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TNF Independent Review

A TNF Independent Review is a friendly review of a TN’s selected recording. The experienced review panel comprises the TNF administrator, an audio technician, and four visually impaired listeners.  

The aim 

TNF’s aim is to support TNs to provide consistently interesting and engaging local audio news to a growing number of listeners. 

An Independent Review will give you feedback on your TN’s recording, and also ideas and examples of great practice gained from reviewing other TNs.  Working together in this way will contribute to the achievement of TNF’s aim.

Why would you request an Independent Review?

  • You just don’t know how you’re doing in relation to other TNs
  • You’re stuck; listener numbers are declining, local news is dwindling.  TNF input could be helpful
  • You think you’re great and want the evidence!

The process

Simply select a recording for review and send six copies to us, together with the source material.  The administrator circulates the recordings to the review panel and later calls the reviewers for their feedback.  This is collated into a balanced report that is sent back to the TN, together with the original recordings.

 The outcome 

The TN receives impartial feedback on all aspects of its selected recording, highlighting areas of good practice, making suggestions for further development, and providing support if necessary.

For further information or to request and Independent Review


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