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Lots of information that others take for granted is not available to people with sight problems.  Even Braille readers may not be able to access local news and events.  Talking Newspapers (TNs) will let you know what’s happening on your own doorstep.  Yes, you can always access national news by switching on your radio or television – but you can’t always find enough local news.

We know that local news is important to you and that, without it, you can feel a bit out of touch.

How do I Listen?

You can listen in lots of different ways:

  • Cassette Tapes
  • CDs
  • Memory sticks
  • Streaming through a website
  • Streaming through your smartphone or tablet

If you don’t have your own player, your local TN may be able to lend you one. Use the search tool in Find a talking newspaper to find your nearest TN and you’ll be able to see what they can offer you.  If the options aren’t listed, then please give them a call.

Get in contact with us

Please feel free to call us on 01793 497 555 and leave a message or email:

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