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TNF Soundings

Many of you will be familiar with Infosound and indeed many of you will have used their content in your TN or TM.  

Recently there has been a substantial change to the way that content is accessed, in that the Infosound Media service for Talking Newspapers and Magazines is no more and has been replaced by a new service from TNF called “TNF Soundings”.  Soundings aims to deliver a wide variety of material “crowd-sourced” (in the modern parlance) from a wide range of volunteers across the country. 

Anyone wishing to know more about Soundings, access the content or how to be part of this exciting venture, head over to

Infosound itself meanwhile has not ceased to exist but simply shifted it’s footing – all explained on their website (


TNF Soundings delivers a regular supply of high quality, impartial audio items that can be used free of charge by Talking News and Magazines, Hospital and Community Radio. TNF Soundings provides two types of content to supplement local material:


Updates on help available to people living with sight loss or disabilities that make reading difficult. These cover a wide range of subjects, such as advice on making the most of services, reports on the latest initiatives from support organisations and new products to make life easier. 

Time Out 

Entertainment and leisure articles including poems, biographies, wildlife and gardening.

All the audio articles on are free to download and use for Talking News, Talking Magazines, Hospital and Community Radio Stations. Our content is also available to such organisations and individuals by signing up for our podcast or as an email subscriber. 

Many articles are relevant UK-wide, while others may be specific to Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland or England.

TNF Soundings

Produced by a roster of volunteers from across Britain, TNF Soundings extends the audio information service previously provided by the charity Infosound.  Soundings is part of the Talking News Federation charity and has been established specifically to deliver audio articles following Infosound’s decision to discontinue their audio information service after eight years. More details for different ways in which you may receive TNF Soundings content may be found at

Signing Up

You can sign up to TNF Soundings emails at

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