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Happy Birthday TNF Soundings!

As we mark the second anniversary of TNF Soundings, we have been working on new content ideas and new functionality. 

Firstly, content:  

We will very shortly be publishing the first of a regular series of quizzes.  These will appear fortnightly and will be available as three files; one containing the questions, another the answers and a third a pre-made bundle with both in the same file. 

We know that every TN works in a different way, and we hope that this combination of three files will give you the greatest flexibility for putting the quizzes together: 

  • With the questions and answers together – using the pre-made bundle 
  • With the questions and answers at different places in your publication – using the separate files, or 
  • With the questions in one edition and the answers in the next. 

To support that final option, the quizzes will remain in the Box-Set section of the website so that you can retrieve files from previous quizzes if you need them. 

Secondly, functionality:  

We are happy to announce that you can now find the latest articles on TNF Soundings all collected in one place – 

This collection updates daily around lunch time and will contain all the latest single articles.  The latest regular bundles can still be found in their usual home at 

And lastly, volunteers:  

TNF Soundings wouldn’t be here without the dedicated family of volunteers who write, edit, read, record, engineer, review and schedule these articles.   Everyone at TNF Soundings is a volunteer, and we are incredibly grateful for their service.  As with so many organisations, we are looking for more volunteers to keep TNF Soundings running and to lighten the load on some who are giving far more of their time than it is reasonable to expect.  So, if you can spare a couple of hours a week and are reasonably happy with a computer please get in touch.  We need you! 

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